Terrible Two
Terrible Two
Terrible Two


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PLOG ITEM #TT.2015.011402

Q. Is there a Terrible Two coffee mug?
A. There is.

Q. Why?
A. Why not?

Q. No, really, why?
A. In our experience, everybody loves a good coffee mug.

Q. How do I use it?
A. You either drink from it or store small objects in it.

Q. Small objects? Like what, exactly?
A. Tacks. Various clips. Business cards and the like.

Q. OK. And how many people are on this coffee mug?
A. In total? Four.

Q. So ... it’s a Terrible Two mug with four people?
A. That’s correct.

Q. Who are these four people?
A. On one side of the mug, we have the faces of Miles Murphy & Niles Sparks, the protagonists of our story, series and coffee mug. On the other side, we have Mac Barnett & Jory John, the authors of our story and series. They didn’t write the mug, though.

Q. “Write the mug”?
A. Exactly. They didn’t do that. It’s nearly impossible to write a mug.

Q. Fair enough. So, this is a website and story about pranking. Does the mug do any sort of prank?
A. No.

Q. Nothing at all?
A. Well, it might accidentally spill a liquid on you if you’re holding your mug and it’s full of coffee and you’re gesturing wildly. But that’s probably not what you meant by “prank.”

Q. [Sigh] Can we see this mug?
A. Yes. Here’s the front:

Terrible Two

Q. Not bad. Not bad at all.
A. And here’s the back.

Terrible Two

Q. You guys could use a shave.
A. You should watch your tone.

Q. [Long pause]
A. [Equally long pause]

Q. Thank you for your time.
A. And thank you for your relatively thoughtful questions.

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