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Terrible Two
Terrible Two


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Terrible Two

For the last few months, we’ve been on the road, crisscrossing America, attending large conferences and chatting with booksellers, librarians, teachers, parents, and children. It’s been fun trying to subtly work our new book, “The Terrible Two,” into the conversation while pretending to ask about good restaurants in the area.

This has also been a swell opportunity to find likeminded people who enjoy pranking and/or joining secret societies.

To join our secret society, you have to take a prankster’s oath. And for us, sussing out whether somebody is willing to take an oath generally goes in one of two directions.

Here’s the first type of interaction:

Us: “Would you like to take the prankster’s oath?”
Person: [Checks watch] “I’m actually quite late for a meeting.”
Us: “It’ll be quick!”
Person: “I’m just not sure I want to take an oath.”
Us: “Please?”
Person: “No thanks.”
Us: “Maybe?”
Person: “Definitely not.”
Us: “Think about it?”
Person: “Never.”
[Somewhere in the distance, somebody coughs for thirty seconds.]
We’re not going to lie — this type of interaction hurts. And that hurt stays with us for weeks, if not less.

Fortunately, much more often, the conversation goes a little something like this:

Us: “Would you like to join a secret society of pranksters?”
Us: “You have to take an oath.”
Person: “LET’S DO THIS!”
[Somewhere in the distance, somebody coughs for thirty seconds.]
That feels better, except our proximity to somebody’s cough. But with thousands upon thousands of people at a large conference, somebody’s going to be sick. It’s just simple math.

In conclusion, this is the prankster’s oath:

On my honor I will do my best
To be good at being bad;
To disrupt, but not destroy;
To embarrass the dour and amuse the merry;
To devote my mind to japes, capers, shenanigans, and monkey business;
To prove the world looks better turned upside down;
For I am a prankster.
So be it.

And this is what it looks like when we administer the oath to the multitudes.

So keep a watchful eye on the events section of this website for the chance to take the prankster’s oath with us sometime very soon.

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